Veteran Owned Freight Brokerage



  • Rapid response time and load posting via our  Transportation Management System (TMS)

  • Available to service our Customers 24/7

  • Easy Quoting, Invoicing, and Payment Generation

  • Quickpay to our Carrier Network in 48 hours

Relationships and Rapport

Nothing is more important to me than building sincere and personal relationships with my Customers and my Carriers.  Let's talk today! I would love for you to  explain what drives your business so that I can adhere to those principles and provide seamless operational support.

20 years of Experience

Coming to the table to support your business with Supply Chain Management, Building Materials Operations, Military Intelligence, Leadership, Sales, and Vendor Relations experience.


Meet the Owner

Airborne insignia.jpg

After 7 years on Active Duty as an Army Officer and leaving the service in 2014, I struggled to find that "right fit" in the private sector.  In full honesty, I got tired of the absence of true grit, God loving, hard working individuals in the industries that I found employment in.  I'm an unapologetic Believer in Jesus Christ, a Patriot, and Leader that simply needed to be on their own.  I missed that connection with like minded Americans that believed in taking care of their team, engaging in growth and opportunity, and enjoying life the way I did working with individuals such as yourself, so here I am!

-Scott Campbell

​Scott graduated from Virginia Tech in 2000, worked in Logistics Management and Residential Project Management until joining the service in 2008 to deploy to Haiti, Iraq, and Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne and 75th Ranger Regiment as a Military Intelligence and Targeting Officer.

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